Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jim Bill McInteer: A Legacy

Brackett Library is pleased to announce the publication of an online exhibit that honors the legacy of Brother Jim Bill McInteer.  A 1942 graduate of Harding College, he preached from the time he was 18 years old until his death at the age of 88 in 2010. Famous for never repeating a sermon during his 30 years at the West End church in Nashville, Tenn., Brother McInteer kept meticulous records of his sermon outlines and notes.  Following his death, Brother McInteer's family donated this priceless collection to Harding University. The staff of Brackett Library continues to work to digitize this material making it available to a much wider audience.

The collection includes access to thousands of Mr. McInteer's sermon outlines and Bible study notes.  Additional sections include links to audio files of many of his sermons, a collection of photographs covering his years of service to the Harding community, a full bio, and a section of remembrances. Future additions will include links to a series of chapel talks and interviews held during his latter years of life.

What is your fondest memory of Mr. McInteer?  How did he inspire you?  Was it a sermon at West End or a chapel speech?  Was it seeing the way he tenderly cared for his wife as she journeyed through Alzheimer's?  Please share your memories in a comment here and we will add them to the Recollections section of the online exhibit.

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  1. As a young teen it impressed me that brother McInteer always remembered my name, even though he just saw me occasionally...and he knew who I belonged to...my parents and grandparents. That made me feel like I was important to him. Later in life, it was his tender care of Betty...how he made sure she was always lovely and well kept. He spoke at one of my son's graduations and received an honor...I've forgotten what it was...and he left the podium and presented it to Betty, saying it was she who should have received it, because without her he could not have done what he did. He gave honor to others, was kind in his speech...a wonderful example of what God wants His people to be!